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F3K Colibri in Strong version is best choice to windy weather conditions . Wing construction of strong version build with high quality Spread-tow Textreme® 64g carbon fabric, provide highest rigidity and torsional stiffness for ultra high launch heights and slope soaring.

The uncompromising low drag design of airframe and high quality production standards focuses to maximum aerodynamic efficiency.  Colibri CFD & FEM optimized high aspect ratio wing with new advanced ReX-Series aerofoils, ultra-thin low drag fuselage and extreme light weight composite structure define a new revolutionary concept in DLG world.


Wingspan: 1485 mm
Wing area: 16,7 dm2
Wing airfoil: ReX-Series airfoils
Wing Aspect ratio: 13,5
Lenght: 1043mm
Standard AUW: 245g

Recommended Equipment:
Receiver: FrSky G-RX6, Hitec Optima 6, Futaba R3004SB, Spektrum AR410,
Servos: 2x KSTx08H + 2x KSTx06
Battery: 1x 1S Lipo 600mABattery:



F3K Colibri-Strong Textreme® 64g


F3K Colibri- ARF kit Fluorescent Orange

Wing: 109g

Fuselage: 33g


Rudder: 5,6g

Elevator: 5,4g

Right Hand launch blade + linkage assembled

Custom build glider

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